LoadRunner 9.1 (9.10) is coming soon!

LoadRunner 9.1 (9.10) is coming soon!

Have you noticed, that HP Knowledge Base contains a new version of LoadRunner - 9.10?
Here it is:

For the present day (Feb 29th, 2008) HP LoadRunner 9.1 (9.10) is not published yet for downloading.
So, we have to wait for HP LoadRunner 9.1 (9.10) release or beta announcement...

Well, what's new in the future LoadRunner?
Please, see excerpts from HP LoadRunner 9.1 'What's new' file:
  • Version 9.1 expands support for Web 2.0 applications by adding protocol support for Adobe’s popular AMF flash. This, alongside existing support for AJAX makes LoadRunner the solution of choice for Web 2.0 performance validation.
  • In addition, LoadRunner 9.1 has enhanced testing capabilities for SOA and web services, as well as improved reporting for SOA performance metrics.
  • Version 9.1 also adds support for Microsoft RDP, Vista, and VMWare powered platforms.

Features are very interesting and appetizing! :)
When I have a possibility to download LoadRunner 9.1 (9.10) and evaluate it, I'ii share my impressions, dear readers.

Best regards,
Dmitry Motevich


Sushil said...

Hey Dmitry,

Sorry I am going off-topic but it very urgent and I am facing it for a long period.

I am getting an error while recording with LR.

Here is the error:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Assertion failed!

Program: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
F: S:\lrc8\nt\1289\source\record\com_trapper\trap_ma...
Line: 383

Expression: threadInfo

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)

If you have any idea, please help me out.

Dmitry Motevich said...

Hello, Sushil.

I would recommend to pay attention on 383rd line of your script (S:\lrc8\nt\1289\source\record\com_trapper\trap_ma...).

I seems, it contains a key to resolve the issue.
Btw, what protocol do you use?

Sushil said...

Hello Dmitry,
When this error encounters LR couldn't be able to record a single line of script. (So we can't refer to line 383)

and also this location "F: S:\..." doesn't exist anywhere in my system

I am using WEB(HTTP/HTML)protocol.
LR Vugen 8.1 and IE6

Dmitry Motevich said...

What about to check the same behavior on LR 9.0?
Also, is it possible to use I 7.0?

Sushil said...

It's working fine with LR 7.0

I Will not be able to check the same on 9.0.

Sushil said...

Did you mean IE 7.0 ?

Ya we can use IE 7.0 but I heard that IE 7 gives more problem with LR so avoiding to use it.

Dmitry Motevich said...

I didn't face any problems with IE7.
Your LoadRunner version (7.0) is very old. Try to update up to latest.
LoadRunner 9.0 supports scripts recording on IE 7 perfectly

Firefly said...

I have just downloaded Loadrunner 9.10 trial and i'm trying to install it. However, i'm getting the message

setup has determined that a previous installation has not completed. you should restart the system in order to complete this process

i am getting this recurring error on 2 seperate systems even after a reboot.

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Sushil where you able to overcome the issue you had with Assertion failed! issue?
I just got same iisue on LR9

Pattrick Pollid said...

hi Dmitry

This is my first Comment/post to this Blog .

First i would like to appreciate the Active participation for the posts on LR and QTP

Can you please find the solution for this ?

Till now i didnot face this issue when i execute the script in Controller

After Clicking on Run and execution ends then it is throwing the error as
Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library
Debug Error !
Program :..am Files \Mercury Interactive \Mercury LoadRunner \bin\wlrun.exe

abnormal program termination

(Press Retry to debug the application)

It is displaying three buttons
Abort,Retry and Ignore

Nothing happens just closing the wlrun.exe (controller)

I am using LR 8.0 and my IE 6.0

Dmitry Motevich said...

Hello, Pattrick.

I think, you found a bug in LoadRunner. I saw that several times...
So, what to do with it?

First of all, I would recommend to upgrade your LR up to latest version - 9.10.
After that, try to run your scripts again.
If the error still exists, you can:
1. Contact with HP support service
2. Show your LR scripts. Maybe, something wrong with them...

Pattrick Pollid said...

hi Dmitry,

The Problem is fixed ,

Actually I installed Microsoft WAS Tool on Sunday , Which created this Problem .It seems that WAS Tool is not compatabile with LR .

I Have Done "System Restore" to Saturday , Now it is Working Fine .

Thnks For Your Support.

Pattrick Pollid.

Anamika said...

Hi Dimitry

Can you please tell me what do u exactly mean by "SOA performance testing" with respect to loadrunner?
We have tried alot to get this information in net but all in vain.
What we understand is SOA a concept and Web services is the implementation of this concept.


Tom said...

Hi Dmitry,

Have you worked with 9.1 yet? I am trying to create scripts for a webMethods Portal containing AJAX components. LR is having trouble capturing certain types of objects (i.e. Asynchronous tables and dynamic drop downs). I was wondering if you had seen this issue and if you had any ideas about how to work around it. Thanks.

SaiKiran said...


My Name is SaiKiran, Currently I am working in LoadRunner. I would like to store Failed transactions information (VuserID, some info) in a file when I am running a scenario. Could you please help to resolve this issue


Anonymous said...

Hi Dmitry,

I am new to this post and I have a strange problem while recording a script in both IE 7.0 and Mozilla using LR 9.10.

The moment i try to login to the application that is being recorded, i get the iexplore.exe error and i have to terminate the program..

I have tried the same on LR 8.1 and no use.

Any idea on how this can be fixed.


Dmitry Motevich said...

Yes, I work with LoadRunner 9.1.
Actually, LR has problems with C&S AJAX protocol. Sometimes, it cannot record actions...
So, I would recommend to record on different protocols.

Sushil said...


This is regarding
Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library
Debug Error !

I have overcome this error and in my case it was due to McAfee antivirus.

When you are installing LR please stop all services running for MaCafee and then install LR.

Even this suggestion comes with the product readme.txt file but you know you come to read this only after installing it.

Dmitry Motevich said...

Thank you very much for sharing your solution!
It can save a lot of time for somebody...

priya said...

hi, please help me by telling What protocol should i use to test Oracle HRMS application EBSR12.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
I am using LoadRunner 9.1 with IE 6 for developing my scripts. Now my client wants IE7.Is it possible to run the same scripts (IE6)scripts on IE 7 with minor modifications to the scripts?

Dmitry Motevich said...

What is "EBSR12"?
Please provide links to your application

Dmitry Motevich said...

@Anonymous (October 8),
Incorrect question!
LoadRunner does not run browsers to emulate virtual users.
Instead of that, LoadRunner sends a traffic to server.

So, I do not see any sense in your question...

priya said...

Hi EBS R12 is
E-business suite Release 12..
My application is on ORACLE HRMS.
Form Version :

Thiru said...

Hi Dmitry,
It's a good site for beginners to learn the LR. Thanks a lot.

By the By I'm asking...

Please post the one lesson on sample project right from beginning to analyze results.It is very helpful for us.

Dmitry Motevich said...

OK, I will post your query into a queue :)
It requires a lot of time to prepare it. So, I do not think that it will be prepared very soon.

Richa said...

Hi Dmitry,

Could you pls explain the diffrence in Profiling and Monitoring w.r.t Performance Testing? Does Profiling includes Tuning as well??

p.s.- I could not find how to start a new thread for a new topic. Hence, posting the query as a comment here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dmitry,

My Scripts are recorded in Vugen9.1
i need to run these scriptsin Controller 9.0

is it possible without any errors


Dmitry Motevich said...

@Anonymous/Anil (February 3, 2009),
I do not know.
Why don't you try and share results, Anil?

Dmitry Motevich said...

Dear Readers!
Thank you very much for you comments!

Since this article was published more than one year ago, I've just disabled an adding of new comments for this article.