Manual Correlation in LoadRunner - Video

Manual Correlation in LoadRunner - Video

In previous LoadRunner video (Automated Correlation in LoadRunner) I shown how to use Automated Correlation. The present LoadRunner video explains how to manually correlate dynamic values:
  • How to find dynamic values in a server response
  • How to correlate them in LoadRunner
  • How to verify the correlation
There is a screenshot from the present LoadRunner video:
Manual Correlation in LoadRunner


naveen said...

Hi Dmitry,

To detect memory leak do we need to moitor when VUser are ramping up or when the users are in steady state and have already been ramped up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dmitry,

The information was really helpful.
Could you explain the counters to be monitored in Weblogic (JMX) and Weblogic (SNMP) appliaction servers. How the monitoring is done.

Thanks in advance.

rima said...

Could you please guide me how to capture current date in loadruuner?

Chandrasekar said...

Hi Dmitry,

I want to know how to test web services (without front end) request and response. I successfully imported the WSDL file from url. But when i perofrm a verify reply, i get the following errors in the error log:

Action.c(4): Error: HTTP status code 401 returned by the server
Action.c(4): Error: InvokeMethod failure: External component has thrown an exception..
Action.c(4): Error: Web service call "SoapOp" execution failed

Kindly reply to

Thanks in advance.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dmitry,

Really helpfu Information on LR
Thank you very much indeed

The Above link has Correlation Video, but playing without sound
pls post the any external link if any. please, Need to download the video.

Dmitry Motevich said...

@Anonymous (February 24, 2009),
Answered many times in comments on this blog.
I do not wish to repeat my words.

sandhya said...

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for your knowledge sharing will defintely share with our friends and also refer this site.
I am facing problem with replay of script for BExAnalyser through excel add-in.

MHK said...

Dear Dmitry,

Your relay great and learning a lot from you.
Could you please help me out on graphs analysis.

Explain me main graphs.

Mail id:-
THanks & Regards