Bugs in LoadRunner

Bugs in LoadRunner

Watch for my logic please:
  • Each program contains errors (bugs).
  • LoadRunner is a program too.
  • So, LoadRunner should contain bugs.
    Even more! LoadRunner contains bugs.

Here is a list of bugs in LoadRunner 9.10 that I noticed.
And I would like to ask you to share your experience on LoadRunner too. I'm sure that you faced with such errors.

Why do I do that?

  • I know, that some members of LoadRunner development team read this blog. So dear readers, you can report errors and make your favourite (I hope :)) LoadRunner better.
  • Also, there is another reason to post LoadRunner bugs. Since you are QA specialists, I think it will be interesting to find bugs in a released commercial product (= LoadRunner).
    Prove, that you are qualified bugs hunters! :)
11. LoadRunner Controller
2. Open Design tab
3. Double-click any action from 'Global Schedule' section
-> 'Edit Action' dlg is opened. OK
4. Click 'Help'
-> Nothing happens
'Help' btn doesn't work
21. Open LR Controller Help pdf-file, page 77.
2. It contains the phrase:
The following additional right-click options are available:
Reset IDs. Resets the IDs of the Vusers in the group.

Actually, menu item is named as "Renumber":
'Renumber' menu item
31. Open LoadRunner VuGen
2. Record and replay script
3. Open 'Tree view'
4. Select 'Response' item from tree view
-> 'Create Parameter' menu item is disabled, see:
5. Select 'Body' item from tree view
-> 'Create Parameter' menu item is enabled, see:
I think, 'Create Parameter' menu item should be enabled in both cases.
41. Open LoadRunner VuGen
2. Create new LR parameter
3. Open 'Parameter Simulation' dlg
-> There are not 'short keys' (underlined letters for quick access with keyboard):

5Could you send yours, dear reader?..

I think, the list of LoadRunner bugs is an interesting challenge for LoadRunner users community.
And definitely - it will be usefull for all of us.

That's why I ask you to send your
notes about LoadRunner bugs. Send detailed info and do not forget to mention your name. The world should know best testers :)

Please, send your notes about LoadRunner bugs or enhancements to my email: Dmitry Motevich's email
If you have any interesting ideas, feel free to share them.

Thank you in advance, dear readers.
Dmitry Motevich

P.S. Dear HP, may I join your LoadRunner team? :)

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come4come5 said...

hi, I am your fans.
I have a question. I hope I can descript clearly.
When I use controller to run the script.
where is the non-HTML resources which are downloaded to the hard?
For example
After I create a script of "login".
I delete all "JPG/GIF" in the hard.
Then I use controller to run the script 1 time (Not clear cache)
I can't find any "JPG/GIF" in the hard after finish
Where is it?

Dmitry Motevich said...

Check the folder '_VuGen_script_\result1\Iteration1' and you will see saved resources.
Please, note that you have to enable downloading resources on a Web page (Run-Time Settings -> Browser Emulation and check "Download non-HTML resources" option).

Vale said...

Hi Dmitry,

First of all, congratulations for your blog: very interesting, clear and full of useful resources.

I've seen that it's (still) impossible to rename an Iteration when analyzing results in the Analysis. I noticed this bug in version 8.0 and I really was hoping they'd fix in 9, but it doesn't seem so O_o


Dmitry Motevich said...

Vale (Valeriano) (from September 4, 2008 1:40 PM)

What do you mean with "to rename an Iteration"? Where can we rename it?

Maybe, did you mean "to rename a Transaction"?

Anonymous said...

I have never seen the BLOG like this. Excellent blog, as LoadRunner is hardest part in QA you explained it very clearly, show us the video's, getting us in real time world, ALL THIS MAKES US TO LEARN LR IN BIT EASY MANNER...

Thanks for everything...

Good luck and good life ahead.......


Dmitry Motevich said...

Thank you very much, my dear fan :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Dmitry,

I have a query regarding manual correlation; is it possible to correlate a dynamic value in web_reg_find? I have tried this, web_reg_save_param captures the values correctly. However, when I substitute the parameter in web_reg_find, it fails to substitute the value.

Please advice.

Mnay thnx, Pooja.

L V Prasad said...

Hi Dmitry,

First of all, congratulations for your blog: very interesting, clear and full of useful resources.

Anonymous said...

can you put up some information on using how to use Virtual Table Server(VTS) in LR Scripts.