LoadRunner VIDEO tutorial - Parameters part3 ('Select next row' = 'Unique')

LoadRunner VIDEO tutorial - Parameters part3 ('Select next row' = 'Unique')

Here is last part of LoadRunner video tutorial on working with LoadRunner parameters.
It explains different combinations of the parameter setting 'Select next row' = 'Unique'.


LoadRunner parameters #1 - video tutorial is available here.
LoadRunner parameters #2 - video tutorial is available here.

The present LoadRunner video tutorial covers the following:
  • Settings on Parameter List dlg
    Option 'Select next row' = 'Unique'
    Option 'Update value on' = 'Each iteration'
    Option 'Update value on' = 'Each occurrence'
    Option 'Update value on' = 'Once'
    Option 'When out of values' = 'Abort Vuser'
    Option 'When out of values' = 'Continue in a cyclic manner'
    Option 'When out of values' = 'Continue with last value'
    'Allocate Vuser values in the Controller'
  • How to view an output value of LoadRunner parameter
LoadRunner parameters explained
part 3 of 3 (Select next row = Unique)


tadi.rajesh@gmail.com said...

The 3 video tutorials covers all the basics of the parameterisation. Your tutorials are strong foundation for basics. Please continue the same in the future....

Anonymous said...

hi Dmitry,

Your articles are really excellent... Thanks for all your efforts...

Krish said...

these videos really excellent.... Very good effort.. thank you so much for your time in preparing and posting them..

loadz said...

Hi Dmitry,

Thank you for your super site and in particular these movies. You've invested alot of time and hard work and for that I salute you!

I have come across a old CPC legacy question on the web (I can't remeber where from though).

A travel firm has two workers. User 1 is responsible for all Domestic flight bookings and user 2 is responsible for all International flight bookings.

Create a Virtual script that randomly logs on as either user (easy enough to do).

If the random user happens to be User 1 then then select from a list of Domestics cities only. If the random user happens to be User 2 then select from a list of International cities only.

My Solution:

if strcmp"UserID","User1")
{submit blah blah {Domestic}

if strcmp"UserID","User2")
{submit blah blah {International}

It works fine but I am not happy with it as I am sure this type of problem is solvalable via the use of LR parameters? Which I've tried to find with no luck.

Can you or any of those other LR gurus out there help?

Thanks in advance.

Dmitry Motevich said...

Please send your question to LoadRunner Group

Anonymous said...

Hi Dmitry!

Just went through your parameterization tutorial on Load Runner. It was very helpful.

I was once trying to use table type parameter. It had severla columns and rows. I named one column as USer NAme and the other as Password.Can you please tell me how I can access different columns of choice in script view with same parameter name in same iteration?

Anonymous said...

It is awesome and helps a lot for beginners. Thanks for all your efforts. Appreciate your help.

Anith said...

Really its spoon feeding effort ,one who watch these videos maynot have any doubts again.I never came across this type of blog till now.Good effort.
All the best for new videos in future.

Ramesh said...

Really useful for beginers

Anonymous said...

Hi Dmitry,
Thanks for carefully describing all parameterization options
really helpful.