10 steps to become QTP guru

10 steps to become QTP guru

Would you like to know how to become QTP guru?
The recipe is simple. You should learn the following:
  1. VBScript
    QTP uses VBScript language. That's why strong knowledge of VBScript is 'must have'.

  2. Software Testing Automation Frameworks
    To write good automated tests, you should know how to write them.
    There are different approaches and solution. There is not a silver bullet.

  3. HP QuickTest Professional Tutorial
    This QTP tutorial cames with QTP.
    It's quite clean and informative. Its main goal is to show and explain basic concepts of QuickTest Professional. It provides knowledge on:
    • creating a test
    • working with Object Repository (OR)
    • running and analyzing tests
    • verifying tests
    • parameterizing, etc
    Sources: '\help\QTTutorial.pdf' or '\help\Tutorial.chm' in QTP Install folder.

  4. HP QuickTest Professional User's Guide
    As previous tutorial, the present User's Guide come with QTP install too.
    This guide is intended for QuickTest Professional users at all levels. It gives a deeper knowledge on:
    • working with QTP Object Repositoies
    • designing tests
    • enhancing tests (checkpoints, parameterizing, etc)
    • maintaining anf debugging tests
    • advanced testing features, etc
    Sources: '\help\QTUsersGuide.pdf' or '\help\MainUsersGuide.chm' in QTP Install folder.

  5. COM/DCOM Technologies
    When working with QTP, you will be closely linked with such Microsoft's applications, as: Excel, Word, Outlook. So, I recommend to get familiar with COM, COM Technologies, and COM objects of:

  6. SQL
    SQL is so important in programming, that I strongly recommend to spend time to learn SQL:
    • concepts of RDBM
    • selecting/updating/deleting data
    • SQL queries optimizations
    • databases administration

  7. XML
    XML is an extremely popular and useful format. I'm sure that нou will have to deal with data, stored in XML-files.

  8. HTML, DOM
    Since QuickTest Professional works perfectly with web applications, you should be expert in related fields - HTML, HTTP, DHTML, DOM, etc. They will simplify your future QTP script and make them more reliable and maintenable.

  9. HP QTP Knowledge Base
    It contains a lot of practical articles about QuickTest Professional.
    You can find there QTP webinars, QTP FAQs, documentations, solutions of your problems or different ways how to improve your QTP automated tests.

  10. Useful sites
    Sure, it's impossible to know all information on QTP.
    That's why I recommend to use these two sites to search answers to your QTP questions:

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Shrini Kulkarni said...

It is pathetic and sorry state of affairs to see that in your list there is no item for "learning" testinging.

After all QTP or any automation for that matter is slave to "testing". If you do not know how to do testing better - you will not be able to serve your stakeholders as you will be at the mercy of some "stupidly" documented (also outdated) test cases ... What is the use of QTP knowledge then?

Here are my two steps to become a valuable Test Automation professional (QTP included)

1. Learn and Practice Testing (thinking, questioning, modeling etc)

2. Learn Programming of any sort (VB, PERL, Java, ....) understand how to write a better code

Rest all is becomes easier if you get to master above (that itself takes ages)

Shrini Kulkarni

Dmitry Motevich said...

2Shrini Kulkarni,
Thank you for your comment.
It seems, that цe stand on opposite sides of the door :)
The above list explains technical side of QTP specialist!

Your list of two items is great.
Also, I can simplfy it. I would put the one step only:
1. Learn how to work smart, not hard!

If you are smart specialist, you can find answer on absolutely any question - from QA, programming field, IT managements, etc.

sushmitha said...

Hi Dmitry Motevich,

This is sushmitha, I just saw some of your posted QTP vedios today..It was grt
I learnt lot today and am very much satisfied with the content i gained...I started automation with Winrunner and now intrested to learn QTP...Luckily I got your site which is most helpful to me...
I will be posting my queries sooner..Thank you :-)

Navyas said...

Hello Sir,

I am beginner to Load runner and it helped me a lot and very nice and detailed vedio.


Gaurav said...

Hi can you please tell me what to study under links for oracle \it opens the 10 g page and huge
thnaks gaurav

Gopinath said...

Hi Shrini,

We should be thankful to Dmitry for posting such valuable information on QTP and LoadRunner. As he/she replied to your comment, this blog is basically for a professional who is currently into automation and not who is learning testing. If you want to learn testing, there are a lot of websites, which give valuable information on testing.

Sites/Blogs such as Dmitry's are the ones that come to our rescue when we are executing projects and we need help on a concept which we have probably never heard of in the tool.

I would like to thank Dmitry for posting such valuable knowledge on automation tools.

Gopinatha Rao Yareeda

Roshid said...

Whats wrong with you? You are jealous or out of your mind? What Dmitry Motevich has povided is quite useful to us.Of course it is not for a person who has just started learning testing. You need to learn how to show respect to others.

srinivas said...

dude shrini ... u suck... this website is awesome...

Shrini Kulkarni said...

I thank all people who called me "suck", "jealous" ad what not...

All of you tought me something....at times, a pragmatic comment made with an intention of improving things can be misunderstood.

At no point of time I had the intentions of devaluing the information that Dmitry gives on his site. He is doing great job.

Please focus on what intend to say, for long term value and career - I think it is important to focus on learning about testing (before than anything else) and then about some programming. QTP comes last. If you spend good time in first two items (soak yourself well) - becoming guru in QTP is no big thing at all. I think Dmitry knows it well - it evident from his reply. I reacted that way as some newbies, with the intention of becoming guru in QTP will mistake Dmitry's suggestions. My message was to see Dmitry's suggestions with proper background.

Now some specific comments...

@ Gopinath :

You said "this blog is basically for a professional who is currently into automation and not who is learning testing."

It is hard for me to call any professional as automation prof if he is not interested in learning testing (note that no one has mastered testing yet ... no one.. so you can not say .. I know testing well so now I am an automation professional). This is my personal experience. You automation knowledge will be ZERO if you do not understand testing rationale behind it. So at any point do not (never make this mistake) see automation without thinking about testing. When you can learn testing in your whole life time - keeping an eye about what problems automation attempts to solve in testing is important.
Automation can NEVER stand on its own... it requires testing to support it. Hence my comment.

>>>If you want to learn testing, there are a lot of websites, which give valuable information on testing.

I know ... and check out my blog
http://shrinik.blogspot.com to understand my philosophy of testing. That will probably give you some background as why I am saying what I am saying.

>>> Sites/Blogs such as Dmitry's are the ones that come to our rescue when we are executing projects and we need help on a concept which we have probably never heard of in the tool.

This is 100% perfect ... But do not forget the foundation.

@ Roshid,

>>>Shirni,Whats wrong with you? You are jealous or out of your mind?

If you think that I am jealous ... you can make that decision. That does not take away anything that I stand for ... holistic approach to testing hence automation. It is my personal view that testing and automation always go together.

Yes, I am jealous that the good work that Dmitry is doing has potential to be misunderstood or misused as "quick-fix"/alternative to long term learning about testing. I am jealous that I want Dmitry to succeed in spreading the knowledge but I thought I caution him against people misinterpreting the content.

>>> Of course it is not for a person who has just started learning testing.

So which comes first -- testing or automation? Since testing is something never ends ... any given point of time your have 50% pre-occupied with how test better.

Can you think of a person without his/her brain? thinking about automation without having proper study and practice of testing is like a person without brain.


dcbatta said...

I don't have any coding knowledge and can I learn QTP .
If yes, how???Plz provide the material.
Is scripting too hard in QTP.
Anyone expert in QTP please guide

AYYAPPA said...

Hi Srini

I think you r still @ old testing theory ; now the Automation is taking to another dimension; Automation may go or may not go along with the testing ; as for automation prof tests cases are more or like requirement docs. And these test cases serves the automation developers just like how requirement docs serves the Developers
Your theory is correct. but doesn't mean that all the Automation blogs should have Manual testing concepts

This website is really cool and serves the purpose

if one wants to get into automation without learning the manual testing ; he can start his carrier.

Automation experts are no more Testers they are like Developers



Mohammad said...

Hi Demitry,
I don't know how to thank you and express my appreciation for all your help and efforts in preparing these useful subjects and information for others with no expectation. thanks a lot. Keep going and good luck!