LoadRunner Analysis - tabbed world

LoadRunner Analysis - tabbed world

Do you like this dialog from LoadRunner Analysis? Not too many tabs? :)
LoadRunner Analysis - tabsNo words!
It seems, HP should hire a professional UI designer :)

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Nir Tager, Israel. said...

they really have succeeded to bring the tabbing architecture into new picks.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... This is standard dialog of TeeChart component, Analysis just call ChartEditor->Execute method.

nekait said...

i agree with Nir

Anonymous said...

Hi DMitry,

You have done an excellent job in explaning LoarRunner to beginner's like myself and many others.

I was wondering if you have an end to end loadrunner script explanation right from vugen to analysis.(a single scenario).

If you have already explained in your earlier tutorials, pls post the link.

Thanks again
keep up the good work