QTP VBScript - Are you sure 1+1=2?

QTP VBScript - Are you sure 1+1=2?

QTP VBScript contains different niceties. This article shows that 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2 sometimes.

Exactly, 1 + 1 doesn't equal 2 sometimes.

Well, I've prepared this QTP script:
n1 = InputBox("Enter first number")
n2 = InputBox("Enter second number")
n1increased = n1 + 1

If n1increased = n2 Then
    MsgBox n1 & " + 1 equals " & n2
    MsgBox n1 & " + 1 doesn't equal " & n2
End If

I will explain it step by step and show all entered data and generated result.
  1. Read first number from user's input
    I enter 1 as a first number:
    First number = 1
  2. Read second number from user's input
    I enter 2 as a second number:
    Second value = 2
  3. Increase first number by 1
    n1increased = n1 + 1

  4. Check whether first increased number equals to second number
    If n1increased = n2 Then
        MsgBox n1 & " + 1 equals " & n2
        MsgBox n1 & " + 1 doesn't equal " & n2
    End If

    And the result is:
    The result of QTP script

Do you know why it is so? What is a reason?
The answer is simple. This is due to converting of VBScript types.

After you read first number (1) from user and assign it (value of course value, not user :) ) to variable, this variable has value of String type.
So, this is the same like n1 = "1"

When VBScript executes this line:
n1increased = n1 + 1
it sees, that we perform mathematical operation and converts n1 into number.
Then VBScript calculates n1 + 1 and the result (2) has a numeric type - Double (special double-precision floating-point value).

Here is the main point! 2 as Number is not the same as 2 as String. These values have different type and that's why they differ.
Simple visual example - two apples are not equal to two pears :)

I can demonstrate the above types converting.
I've added this code into our QTP script before if-then-else:
MsgBox "TypeName(n1): " & TypeName(n1)
MsgBox "TypeName(n1increased): " & TypeName(n1increased)
MsgBox "TypeName(n2): " & TypeName(n2)
And its result is:
Results of TypeNameThat's why the value of number variable is not equal to the value of string variable.

Well, How to make that 1 + 1 = 2 ?
Answer: Convert string value to number with CInt function:
If n1increased = CInt(n2) Then
    MsgBox n1 & " + 1 equals " & n2
    MsgBox n1 & " + 1 doesn't equal " & n2
End If

And the result is:
Correct result of QTP scriptIt works. It works correctly :)

I hope, you will keep in mind this issue with VBScript types converting. It can save your time during debugging of QTP scripts.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't know this before

Gopi said...

thanks for the sharing :)

vishalshah.qa@gmail.com said...

Thanks for sharing such a nice script.
I want something more.
I want to record script for application which has captcha.
Now, my problem is starts from here.
captcha is change each time running scrip (as per its functionality) & my script stops from there.
What should do in such a situation?
Please help me out & please send any solution on vishalshah.qa@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...


I have a doubt in this tutorial.

I am executing the following code:

If ("1"+1)="2" Then
msgbox "Equal to"
msgbox "Not Equal to"
End If

Can you please explain me why the output of the above code is "Equal to". As per your explanation, "1"+1 is double precesion but "2" is string.

Anonymous said...

The code has got nothing to do with QTP.