How to subscribe to my blog

How to subscribe to my blog

Today I plan to show and explain - How you can subscribe to updates from my blog.

Why you should subscribe?
The answer is simple - subscription allows to save the time, when you search for new articles on my blog.

You will receive notifications (by Email or RSS) when new articles will be published on my blog.
And you don't need to visit my blog every day and check - did I post something new or not? :)

Well, there are 2 ways to subscribe:
This video will help you to subscribe.

How to subscribe to blog - video guide

Thank you, my readers.
I hope, Email & RSS subscriptions will save your time and improve your productivity.



newgoby said...

Hi Dmitry,
Really, really enjoying your blog, I can say more, by looking for Load Runner answers always hit one of your pages, it is just incredible, thanks for your effort.

I have a question, can you please proved with some solution for something similar to wait() function, script recorded but during playback depending on the broadband/traffic page gets downloaded (displayed) after various times, to put hard coded lr_think_time(%TIME%); not really a good solution, what would you suggest, how to determine page fully loaded (page HTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, type of the page .cfm)

Thanks in advance

Dmitry Motevich said...

Please, post the code you use to wait for page downloading and the timeouts you use...

I couldn't understand why you should use any timeout. For example, if you use web_url function, it waits for complete page downloading from a server.

Alternatively, you can check timeouts in a Run-time settings to increase download timeout. The default value is 120 seconds

sunnispacian said...

Has lot of stuff to gain knowledge............. Thanks

Loc Pham said...

Hi Dmitry,

This tutorial clears all my confusion about LoadRunner colleration. Thank you very much.

Heena said...

The videos are all awesome but none of them have any voice I checked my laptop speaker settings and the video settings too nothing is on mute but still there is no vioice.Please can you fix this then it would be great.

Dmitry Motevich said...

I didn't record sound

Venu said...

Its Really wonderful blog,Thanks for your great effort,Its helps me a lot

Thank you so much..

Su Ponnapula said...


Thank you for sharing your knowledge.Excellent work !!!

I have a question with winsoc protocol and auto- correlation, I noticed that I can't use automated sorrelation with winsoc, am I right? With winsoc, only manual correlation, correct?

Thank you,

Su Ponnapula said...


Excellent work, learning many new techniques! Can you please clarify me this? I am using winsoc protocol and trying to use automated correlation, but noticed that with winsoc protocol, I can only use manual correlation, am I right?
Thank you,

Dmitry Motevich said...

Dear Readers!
Thank you very much for you comments!

Since this article was published more than one year ago, I've just disabled an adding of new comments for this article.