LoadRunner video - How to check manually a downloaded file

LoadRunner video - How to check manually a downloaded file

Do you know how to check that file or page was downloaded successfully in LoadRunner?
The present LoadRunner video tutorial explains how to do that. All you need is to check LoadRunner snapshot files (inf-files) located in LoadRunner script folder:
LoadRunner script files
LoadRunner video - How to check manually a downloaded file

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K A V Y A said...

Dear Mr. Motevich,
Hi, I am Kavya K.R from India, Chennai. I really like your tutorials very much! They are so nicely explained, and I get the feel of learning in the classroom whenever I see them. Keep it up! Please upload more of these visuals very soon. I am eagerly waiting for them!

Kavya K.R

Dmitry Motevich said...

Thank you very much, Kavya K.R. :)
I will do my best

Anonymous said...


We are working on an application in which one JAVA APPLET is getting loaded. We are performing some client side activities in the java applet like selecting size and color of the shoe, based on our selections it displays shoe image. We are unable to record this client side activity using LR 9.1 with web http/html protocol.

Is there any option/protocol in LR 9.1 to record java applet client side activities?

Please provide suggestions on this.