QTP DataTable - QTP video

QTP DataTable - QTP video

This QTP video shows how to work with DataTable.
You will learn different QTP DataTable concepts:
  • How to create QTP DataTable parameter using QTP Data Driver
  • How to create QTP DataTable parameter manually
  • How to read/write values from/to QTP DataTable
  • QTP script and DataTable execution settings
  • Global and local (action) sheets of DataTable
  • QuickTest Professional data-driven tests
There is a sample screenshot from the present QTP video:

QTP DataTable - QTP video

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Anonymous said...

in how many ways we can work with excel files in qtp(importing the data using excel files).

Dmitry Motevich said...

@Anonymous (January 1, 2009),
It's answered in QTP Help.
Just try to search for 'import'.

Anonymous said...

Your videos are very helpful to understand the concepts. Thanks a lot!!!

Anonymous said...

I am able to play the video but there is no audio, though I clicked on the sound.
Pls advice.
I donot have problems with audio of other websites. Thanks.

Dmitry Motevich said...

@Anonymous (January 22, 2009),
Answered many times in comments on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I had executed the same code but after import statement is placed in the beginning, the test does not calculate actual values and it loops through the 1st iteration though test settings is set to run through all rows...and also, though the cursor is moving in the data table sheet...could not exactly locate where the problem lies in...Can you pls help?

Sudha Jay said...

Great work.I am learning QTP and find your videos of big help.Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I executed the same code. Everything is ok but the last step of IMPORT excel file only made iterations in the first row for 9 times. ActualResult was wrote into the first row 9 times with the same result 12.

If I don't use import statement, the program runs correctly.

What is the problem?

Anonymous said...

Very much organised video and very easy to understand. Hats of to the wonderful job..I wish you great success in your carreer. I found this video very very helpful and will suggest my team and friendz to visit this blog.
Warm Regards~

Prat said...

Can you please send me a link to work with QTP and Oracle? ... like the one u have int eh video setup?.
mail id- v_freya@yahoo.com .

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

This site is really great.

Anonymous said...


thanks a lot for publishing the QTP material. Had to understand QTP concepts quickly and this was a great way to do that.


Leela Manohar said...

Hello Dmitry, I have been following your blog since a long time and found it as a very useful source for learning QTP and LoadRunner. Thank you very much for the extraordinary videos and texts in the blog.
Could you also add some information about Data Driven Framework in QTP which is most widely used. How to design it and execute the scripts using this framework. I feel that understanding any one framework thoroughly is very important for any automation test engineer.

Anonymous said...

i hope you cna help me please ..i have a quick query and am not sure if this is the correct place to post..even so..

I am doing some self learning using qtp 10 , the tutorial and the mercury tours application.
I am trying to create a checkpoint in qtp and it gives me the following error:

Cannot create checkpoint
cannot identify the webedit. I tried this on a few objects and got the same error everytime.

Can you please suggest a solution.

Thanks a lot for your time and advice.

Anonymous said...

This and your other video that I viewed so far are excellent!! I need a quick refresher and this is it!!!! you have anything with SQL for db data validation? .. I will look in blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i try to keep to datatable at the end of the test. is it possible?
i am filling a column of datatable with test (not manually, with output checkpoint from a messagebox) i want to keep this column after the test (but i dont want to keep with excel etc.)

Thanks very much.. Good luck

Sangeetha said...

Really u are doing wonderful job.I appreciate your effort in delivering such a understandable video.I am learning so much from this blog.Keep it up and I wish u all the Best for continuing this great work