[My money] - April 2008 - $58.81

[My money] - April 2008 - $58.81

This is a report about money which was earned during the April 2008.
As you can see, my readers helped me to earn $58.81:
(click to enlarge the image)

Google AdSense brings this money... Every time readers click Ad links, the counter increases.
It's simple enough, isn't it? :)

Like last time, I'm planning to contribute this money to automated testing community.
As you remember, the winner then was Charlie Weiblen.

And now I'm going to start a new initiative.
I announce A competition for the best articles on QTP (QuickTest Professional).

What is the prize for a winner?
I'll give all money, earned during April 2008 - $58.81.

What to do?
You have to write an article on any aspect of working with QTP. It can be an interesting solution you investigated, or it can be an understandable description of any QTP feature, or any QTP tool trick, or maybe video on QTP, etc.

How to send prepared articles?
There are different variants. You can place them in your blog or site. Do not forget to mention this competition. And notify me by sending email.
If you don't have a blog or site - don't worry! You can email your article to me and I will publish it in my blog (if you don't mind). So, you will be a part of the team!

What are the criteria for evaluation?
Hm... It's difficult to answer. How the quality of music, films, or paintings could be evaluated?
I think, it's impossible. So, I will evaluate according to my subjective opinion...

Why do I do that?
I just want to do something useful. And I want to help to all my colleagues, who work in a field of automated testing.
I wish that we were one team!

How to contact me?
Dmitry Motevich's email

Thank you in advance, my readers!

Dmitry Motevich

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